Pool Services

Pool Time has long been the Tri-Valley’s best source for quality pool equipment, parts, technical support and advice. Having gained the reputation as the area’s most experienced and knowledgeable product experts, our staff has decades of combined experience that allows them to solve our customers’ most difficult pool problems and identify and locate the parts that might be needed to solve them. Pool Time endeavors to stay on top of the latest pool industry trends and technological advances while retaining the knowledge necessary to advise customers on how to keep their older legacy equipment in top form. Our goal is to ensure that no customer leaves the store without having an answer to his or her question.

Pool Time’s parts department is the Tri-Valley’s most robust. Unlike many other pool businesses, we don’t need customers explain to the last detail what part he or she is looking for (some pool professionals won’t even help a customer without a part number). We try to take on as much responsibility as we can in the identification of a customer’s need. Whether it is something as simple as a gasket, or as complex as a motherboard for a control system, we will find the part you need and get it to you as quickly as possible.

Pool Time has an answer to your pool equipment needs. Whether you need to swap a single piece of equipment, like a filter pump, or you wish to replace your entire equipment configuration, Pool Time has your solution. The pool industry, especially in California, is changing with a renewed focus on cutting energy costs. In response to California’s adoption of the provisions of Title 20 that relate to pool and spa pump motors, we now offer two speed and variable speed pumps. Follow the links below for more information about pool equipment.


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