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Variable Speed Pool Filter Pumps: Scam or Legitimate?

Variable speed filter pumps have taken the market by storm, promising energy savings of up to 90{c75845ba65fb229d8c46867948e955fd1687a5fb74d7a306444cbc296dfbc531} in some cases. Is this a clever marketing ploy or a legitimate claim based on research, supported by industry professionals?

The simple answer is this: The savings are real. The technology works. Think about this, what major household appliance or device can boast the ability to recoup the cost of the product and the installation in less than two years? For all intents and purposes the only answer is a variable speed filter pump. Because its primary purpose is simply to move water through a filtration system and because the rate at which that water is moved through the system doesn’t matter (As a matter of fact, slower flow rates actually product better filtration), pool owners can drastically slow down their filter pumps and simply run them longer (ensuring the same amount of total water turnover, just over a longer duration). This means that pool owners can keep their pools clean and free of debris for a FRACTION of the cost.

One might ask: ‘That’s great, but why don’t I just buy a smaller pool pump?’ The answer lies in the ability of a variable speed pump to provide flexibility. Pool owners can manipulate the speed of their pumps to vacuum their pools, run automatic pool sweeps, prime solar thermal panels, operate chlorine generators and a host of other possible scenarios.

So how much will you save? The answer is different for everyone. A good start is to visit: http://www.pentairpool.com/pool-owner/resources/calculators/pool-pump-calc/index.htm

The link takes you to an energy savings calculator that will give you an idea of your yearly savings. The average pool owner will save over $1100 per year if switching from a single speed pump of 1.5HP or more. Consider the implications:

Average initial cost of an installed variable speed pump: $2650.00
1st year Savings: -$1100.00
2nd year Savings: -$1100.00
3rd year Savings: -$1100.00
4th year Savings: -$1100.00
5th year Savings: -$1100.00
Cost of ownership after 5 years:  -$2,850.00

This makes the decision a no-brainer. Even someone with a fully operational filter pump should seriously consider swapping it out for a variable speed pump.

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