3-Step Approach to Pool Care


Bioguard makes pool care easy with their three-step program approach. This approach has proven to be extremely effective in preventing algae growth while maintaining proper water chemistry. The best part of this program is how little time and effort needs to be invested in order to get the best results. We at Pool Time endorse this approach and have seen positive results when customers follow this program.

Step One: Sanitize to kill bacteria and algae using any of the following products.

Silk Tabs& Silk Sticks


Silk Smart Sticks®


Uses SilkGuard Technology. Unlike traditional chlorine, SilkGuard's special additives actually softens the water by attaching to hard water components and metal surfaces, which protects your pool equipment from scale, corrosion and staining, all while killing bacteria. Silk Products are available in 3" tabs, 1" tabs and sticks.

-Kill bacteria and control algae
-Makes water feel velvety smooth

-Protects pool equipment for longer life

-Prevents metal staining and corrosion

-Reduces scale formation

-Contain SunShield® Technology so that chlorine is protected from sunlight for long-lasting sanitation of pool water




This product is unique because when the pump is turned off, the erosion rate also slows down. This makes the product last longer while continuously introducing chlorine into the water. Our unique chlorine product:

-Controls erosion rate to last longer using patented Smart Guard®
-Works continuously to kill bacteria
-Simplifies pool care with simple skimmer application

-Has built-in stabilizer so chlorine residual lasts longer

Step Two:  Oxidize and clarify for sparkling clear water

Smart Shock


Burn Out


-Keeps water sparkling clear

-Multi-functional product shocks, oxidizes, buffers and clarifies
-Kills and prevents bacteria growth
-Unique blue algae-fighting crystals kill algae
-No need to mix or pre-dissolve
-Available in convenient 1 lb. bags, 2 lb. resealable bottles and 25 lb. buckets

This product is designed for all pool types. This is different from many other chlorine shock products because it dissolves almost instantly and does not affect calcium hardness. That means Burn Out 35 won't cloud water and is ideal for hard water areas.

-Can be used in all pool types
-Eliminates bather contaminants such as suntan oils, cosmetics, urine, etc.
-Keeps water clear and sparkling
-Destroys unpleasant "chlorine-like" odors
-Comes in easy-to-use, pre-measured 1 lb. bags for proper dosage and freshness
-No measuring or mixing
-Dissolves almost instantly so won't cloud water
-Doesn't raise calcium hardness, nor stablizier (cynuric acid) levels
Step One & Two: Sanitize and shock with Pool PodsTM
Pool PodsTM

Clean, sanitize and shock with one easy step.  Pool Pods are unique, easy to use dual layer tablets that make pool care more convenient.  Pool Pods are designed for skimmer application.

The Blue Layer:

-Unique, patented product supplies routine maintenance shock letting you achieve crystal clear sparkling water
-Dissolves in about two hours with the pump running

The White Layer:

-Kills bacteria, sanitizing your pool
-Contains SunShield® Technology - Protects chlorine from sunlight so you use less
-Provides the appropriate level of chlorine for 5-7 days.



Step Three: Prevent algae growth with an Algae Inhibitor

Back UpTM

Algae All 60TM


This is BioGuard®'s most effective algae preventative.

-Highly effective formula prevents wide variety of algae growth
-Stable in sunlight and will not evaporate
-Activity increases as water temperature rises (and you need protection the most)
-Powerful surfactant/wetting agent makes Back Up able to work in tiny cracks and crevices where algae starts
-Will not affect pH levels


This product is a highly effective algae preventative. It is recommended for use with pools with an attached spa or water features.

-Excellent for use with pools with attached spas or fountains
-Treats stubborn algae growths in chlorine or bromine pools
-Non-foaming and non-staining
-Effective on all algae types
-Will not affect pH